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Frequently Asked Questions

About EZIZ

EZIZ and the VFC Program

EZIZ is the elearning and resource website for California’s VFC Program. EZIZ continues to grow to provide the training, education, and tools VFC Providers and their staff need to:

  • Develop immunization skills
  • Order and store vaccine
  • Manage vaccine inventories

Immunization Branch

The VFC Program is part of the California Department of Public Health Immunization Branch.

The Immunization Branch (IZB) of the California Department of Public Health provides leadership and support to public and private sector efforts to protect the population against vaccine-preventable diseases.

IZB produces educational materials about immunizations for providers, parents, and other health care professionals and consumers. To order these materials at no charge, contact your local health department.

For more information about other Immunization Branch programs and resources, visit or call 510-620-3737.