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COVID-19 Vaccine

Steps to Enrollment for Providers of Pediatric Services, Individual Practitioners and Small Practices Not Contracted by the TPA

The California Department of Public Health is implementing a new process by working with the California Medical Association (CMA) on ways to expand the COVID-19 Vaccine Program and Network. CMA is providing onboarding support to pediatric providers, individual practitioners and small group practices who have expressed interest to the TPA about joining the network but have not been contracted for that network.

If you are an individual practitioner or provider of pediatric services, or you represent a small group practice that has expressed interest in joining the enhanced network, CDPH and CMA will work directly with you to discuss the steps necessary for you to apply for eligibility to receive and administer COVID-19 vaccines within your scope of practice.

The TPA has provided CMA with the list of those practitioners or small group practices who have inquired with the TPA about joining the network. CMA will be contacting providers directly, and as soon as possible, with additional information. 

As long as you are submitting vaccine administration data via an electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) system to your Immunization Information System (CAIR, RIDE or SDIR), onboarding to My Turn is optional. However, providers may choose to onboard to My Turn to manage their vaccine clinics.

If you have not already done so, you will be required to complete the following required steps:

1. Review program requirements

We strongly recommend that you review the enrollment requirements before planning any further, to determine whether your organization will meet all the requirements.

2. Register with your local registry (CAIR or RIDE or SDIR)

Ensure that your practice is registered with the immunization registry (IIS) for your area. You will need to provide your registry ID (such as CAIR Org Code) during the enrollment process.

3. Complete the enrollment process for myCAvax.

For this step, CMA has dedicated staff to help you expedite the process.

Designate an organization contact to start the enrollment process at myCAvax

After You Enroll: