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TPA Network Participation

This page is for providers who already enrolled in myCAvax (formerly CalVax) and CAIR2/RIDE/SDIR but new to the TPA provider agreement and to My Turn. This overview, Requirements to enroll in California’s COVID-19 vaccine program, will help you confirm where your organization is in the process. If your next step is to sign the TPA agreement, this page is for you.

Step 1: Sign the agreement to participate in the enhanced state network

Contact the third party administrator (Blue Shield of California) at to arrange for signing an agreement that outlines requirements for participation in the network. 

Step 2: Wait to be contacted about being onboarded to the My Turn Platform

We are as anxious as you are to get your organization onboarded as quickly and efficiently as possible. There are two options for getting connected to My Turn:

Track 1: Direct enrollment and onboarding to My Turn

  • We are in the process of onboarding a large number of providers and organizations into My Turn system, and we can assure you that you will be contacted as soon as we can schedule your onboarding event.
  • Depending on the size and scope of your organization, onboarding can take five or more days. When we contact you to schedule the process, we will explain all the steps.  

Track 2: Integration of My Turn and your electronic health record system

  • We are in the planning process for this option, which will be available via a standard API, and hope to make it available soon.
  • Your organization will be contacted to arrange for this process.

General questions about participation? Contact us.

Register for demos while waiting to be connected or onboarded to My Turn

While you are waiting to be connected/onboarded, we encourage you to attend the My Turn demos we offer three times each week. Join the sessions to learn about the capabilities of My Turn and get answers from the experts on what to expect in using the system.  View the “Demos” schedule on our My Turn Onboarding page.

Already in the process of being onboarded to My Turn? 

Visit our My Turn Onboarding to see all of the Training Opportunities offered.