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My Turn–Flu
Mass Vaccination Clinics

My Turn is an online clinic management system that helps providers, schools, and LHDs with mass vaccination efforts by:

  • Allowing families to schedule appointments and preregister or check in online or via phone hotline
  • Providing paperless forms for patient screening and vaccine administration documentation
  • Automatically reporting doses administered to the California Immunization Registry (CAIR)

My Turn may be used for either COVID-19 or flu vaccine clinics, or both.

Clinics already using My Turn for COVID-19 Vaccine:

Easily adapt your workflow to include flu vaccine. View demos below for more information.

Schools, Providers, and LHDs who are new to My Turn:

In order to use My Turn Flu, clinics must enroll in the California COVID-19 Vaccination Program as a clinic location using the myCAvax website (even if you will be providing just flu vaccine). Providers new to My Turn must follow Option 2 below. Schools and LHDs have a couple of options:

Option 1 (Easier)

Partner with LHD or Provider who is already a COVID-19 vaccine provider using myCAvax and My Turn.

Partner will:

  • Create a registry ID for your clinic to report to the local immunization registry (IIS ID/CAIR Org Code)
  • Add your location under their organization in myCAvax and My Turn
  • Order COVID-19 vaccine if needed

School/LHD must:

  • Fill out location application in myCAvax
  • Onboard to My Turn Clinic as Vaccine Administrator
  • Independently run mass vaccination clinic

Option 2

Fully enroll in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program and My Turn.

School/New Provider/LHD must:

  • Meet all requirements for the California COVID-19 Vaccination Program.
  • Enroll in your local registry
  • Enroll organization and clinic in myCAvax
  • Onboard to My Turn Clinic
  • Order COVID-19 vaccine if needed






Note: Use of My Turn is optional. Schools/Providers/LHDs may continue to use existing processes to record administration information and report doses to the local registry. Flu vaccine is not available for order in myCAvax and must be obtained through the usual process.

All About My Turn

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My Turn Training Schedule

What’s New in My Turn Session:
Overview of new functionality and any updates after a release.

November 17: Release 20 View the Recording Here

December 8: Release 20 View the Recording Here


For questions about enrolling in My Turn Flu, please email the COVID Call Center or call 833-502-1245 (Mon-Fri 8AM–6PM).

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