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COVID Call Center

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Phone: (833) 502-1245
Hours: Mon–Fri, 8AM–6PM

myCAvax Help Desk

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Phone: (833) 502-1245, option 2


Manufacturer Contacts

My Turn

Email: For Onboarding,
Technical Support
Help Desk: (833) 502-1245, option 4
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Clinic Translation Line:
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Sun–Sat: 8AM–5PM

Vaccine Administration

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Policies and Resources


COVID-19 Vaccine General Guidance


Vaccination Program Technical Considerations


Training for Vaccinators

These resources may be used to quickly train vaccinators. Supervisors should provide additional hands-on training and supervision until proficiency is demonstrated.


Clinical Considerations and Recommendations


Pfizer-BioNTech & Comirnaty COVID-19 Vaccine Information


Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Information


Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine Information


Vaccine Prioritization and Allocation


COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Monitoring (VAERS and v-safe

V-safe (after vaccination health tracking app)


Long-Term Care Facility Resources 


Vaccination During a Pandemic and Planning Vaccine Clinics


Billing and Reimbursement