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Frequently Asked Questions

EZIZ Training Help

System and software requirements for the EZIZ online training:

This is the most common issue. Make sure your computer is set up with:

  1. High-speed internet connection
  2. Recent browser version for: Internet Explorer (PC), Mozilla Firefox (Mac)
  3. Adobe Flash Player plugin for your browser
  4. JavaScript and pop-ups enabled.

Note: The training does not work with ipads or phones at this time.

Problem advancing to the next page:

  • If you can’t advance to the pre- or post-lesson checks, please try updating your computer with system requirements above. 
  • EZIZ lessons require all buttons clicked, questions answered, or audio to finish before proceeding to the next page. Be sure to click on any buttons or photos according to instructions.
  • If you have already clicked on everything and the Next button still does not work, the two most common problems are:
  1. A glitch occurred during page loading.
    Delete your temporary internet files/cache/history, exit all web browser windows, and re-access the lesson.
    Follow these instructions for deleting the temporary internet files on various browsers:
    Internet Explorer
  2. The computer you are working on is behind a content filtering system (ie. it blocks you from accessing certain websites like entertainment or game websites).
    Please request your IT department whitelist “” and “”. This will ensure that no files are being restricted from loading.

If you continue to have problems, send us an email with:

  • details about the issue you are having and when in the training it is happening
  • include a sceen shot if possible
  • browser version and if using Mac or PC
  • whether Flash is installed
  • user name