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Program Updates 

The state of California signed a Third Party Administrator (TPA) contract with Blue Shield of California to help the state optimize and accelerate COVID-19 vaccine allocation and distribution equitably, efficiently, and safely throughout the state. The TPA is working closely with local health departments to identify facilities that have the capacity to properly maintain COVID-19 vaccine and meet additional federal and state requirements.

Providers currently enrolled or in the process of enrolling in the California COVID-19 Vaccination Program can access program-related resources and communications on this website.

Program Education and Support


Pause Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine: 

Never Refuse Vaccine Shipments:

1. Accept, 2. Verify shipment & contents, 3. Store in appropriate units,
4. Report any discrepancies immediately. Refer to Reporting Shipment Incidents job aid.

COVID-19 Vaccination Record Cards: 

Please remember to ask patients to verify their information and keep their card as an official record of vaccination.


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