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Vaccine Management

Providers participating in any of California’s vaccination programs agree to manage vaccine inventory in compliance with California VFC Program requirements.

Vaccine inventory management is an essential practice that can prevent inadvertent vaccine loss due to temperature excursions. Use these storage & handling job aids to prepare staff to protect the vaccines that protect your patients.

Success is dependent on five key factors:

Show A complete and up-to-date vaccine management plan

Show Properly trained key practice staff

Show Reliable vaccine storage units with sufficient capacity

Show VFC-compliant data loggers that are properly calibrated

Show Careful adherence to routine tasks that protect vaccine viability


Vaccines for VFC, VFA, LHD 317, and SGF Flu are ordered at myCAvax. Available products vary by vaccination program.

Providers are accountable for all publicly supplied vaccines upon receipt and must be able to provide documentation to support their numbers.

  • Conduct vaccine inventories (see inventory forms) before ordering vaccines to prevent over-ordering (doses might expire before use) or under-ordering (might result in missed vaccination opportunities).
  • Report vaccine transfers and nonviable vaccine before each order to keep accurate inventory quantities.
  • Report doses administered* (since the previous order) on each vaccine order using quantities reported to the regional immunization registry.
  • Report inventory on hand on each vaccine order.
  • Update myCAvax with receiving hours/days, shipping address, and Vaccine Coordinator phone/email to prevent order delays or delivery mishaps.
  • Locations must offer full-day receiving hours to facilitate delivery, or minimally a four-hour window on a weekday other than Monday.

* Reporting Doses Administered: Providers are required to document vaccine administration in their medical record systems within 24 hours of administration and report doses administered to CAIR or RIDE/Healthy Futures within 72 hours.

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