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Frequently Asked Questions

Vaccine Distribution

Why didn't my Varicella arrive with the other vaccines in my order?

Varicella-containing vaccines must be kept frozen; therefore, they are shipped separately from all other vaccines. Varicella-containing vaccines are shipped directly to your practice by the manufacturer, Merck & Co. All other vaccines are shipped by VFC's national vaccine distributor, McKesson Specialty.

During peak ordering periods, such as "back-to-school", flu season, and during the launch of a new vaccine, VFC receives a higher than usual volume of vaccine requests. Although orders are processed as efficiently as possible during these periods, it may take up to four weeks for vaccine orders to be processed and delivered.

How do I return shipping containers to McKesson?

Vaccine orders you receive from McKesson Specialty come with a postage-paid return label packed in the inside flaps of the box. Instructions for returning the shipping container to McKesson are on the return slip. If you receive a shipping container that does not include a return label, contact VFC Customer Service,1-877-2GET-VFC (877-243-8832), to request a label. If your clinic receives routine UPS deliveries, you can return the shipping containers by giving them to your UPS delivery person.

You are encouraged to keep a few shipping containers on hand in case you need to return non-viable vaccines to McKesson. Be sure to notify VFC three months prior to the expiration of any vaccine you may not be able to use.

What should I do if there are discrepancies between the number of vaccine doses I receive and the number of doses indicated on the packing slip?

Immediately report the discrepancy to VFC Customer Service at 1-877-2GET-VFC/877-243-8832. VFC will complete a Vaccine Shipment Incident Report on your behalf and have the missing doses sent to you.