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Frequently Asked Questions


Can we accept immunizations given in another country?

Yes. you can accept all immunizations from other countries if they are documented and translated. Reference the brochure “Recommended vaccines for recent immigrants from Mexico” for more information.

Do patients have to sign consents before receiving vaccines?

No, signed consents are not required. However, federal law mandates the recording of certain information about each vaccination, e.g.; manufacturer, lot number, and the date of the Vaccine Information Statement(s). This information should be recorded in the patient’s chart.

What are the benefits to participating in an immunization registry?

There are lots of benefits to participating in an immunization registry, including:

  • consolidate immunization records from all providers into one record
  • avoid over-immunization
  • reduce staff time manually retrieving information
  • reduce staff time entering immunization information
  • print accurate and official patient immunization records
  • manage vaccine inventories
  • recommend immunizations that are coming due or past due

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