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Enrollment, Recertification & Record Keeping

Why should I join the California Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program?

  • enhance your ability to provide vaccine to your eligible patients
  • reduce your out of pocket costs
  • provide all ACIP-recommended vaccines
  • receive excellent customer service to address your questions
  • minimize your paperwork
  • order vaccine easily

More information on the VFC program and how to join.

How do I enroll in the VFC Program?

Follow these enrollment steps to review storage requirements, complete training, and submit forms.

Do I need to mail the original enrollment forms to VFC, or may I fax them?

You may not fax your enrollment forms. You must mail the original forms to VFC. Please keep a copy of the forms for your records.

I have multiple sites. Do I need to enroll/register each individual site?

Yes. VFC requires a complete set of enrollment forms for each site. A Provider Identification Number (PIN) will be assigned to each site in order to ship vaccines directly to that site. VFC does not allow vaccine redistribution from a central provider location to multiple satellite sites.

Where can I find VFC forms?

All forms are available online.

When do I need to recertify in the VFC program and what documentation do I need?

Annual recertification is a federal requirement. It ensures that your clinic will continue to receive VFC vaccine during the upcoming year. VFC initiates the process by sending you a notification when the program’s on-line recertification system opens up, and deadline for submission. You do not need to do anything about recertification until you receive the notification.

My practice has only one doctor. Do I need to fill out the Provider Profile Form-Supplemental?

Yes. Every provider is required to fill out the Provider Profile Form-Supplemental because VFC requires at least one doctor at each site. Please list all doctors in the practice.

We are changing ownership. What do I need to do?

Please submit a notice of change of ownership in writing to the VFC Program. Include an updated set of completed enrollment forms. In your notice of change of ownership letter, please include the practice’s current PIN number, name, and any request regarding the change of ownership (e.g., “requesting a new practice name”). For additional assistance, contact your VFC Customer Service Representative.

Who is my VFC Field Representative?

Each geographic area (Northern California, SF Bay Area, Central Valley, LA, and Southern California) has designated VFC Field Representatives and a supervisor. The list of VFC representatives is supplied upon enrollment.

What documentation should I retain for my records?

All documentation must be retained for at least 3 years.

  • Keep copies of all your vaccine orders in your VFC binder.
  • Keep patient immunization administration logs for three years.
  • Keep vaccine temperature logs for three years.
  • Maintain a log of VFC doses administered.

How do I order temperature logs, vaccine posters, etc.?

Call your local health department to order immunization-related materials at no charge. You can also print materials related to Vaccine Administration and Storage and Handling directly from