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Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP) Program

IQIP is the Vaccines for Children (VFC) provider-level quality improvement (QI) program designed to help increase on-time vaccination of children and adolescents.  If you are a California VFC provider, you may receive an IQIP visit and be asked to pick 2 quality improvement strategies to conduct in your clinic.  IQIP replaces the Assessment Feedback Incentive eXchange (AFIX) program.  Similar to AFIX, participating in the IQIP program entails at least one in-person visit by your VFC or Field Representative and additional exchanges via phone or email over a 12-month period. 

VFC and Field Representatives provide technical assistance to VFC providers to support four core quality improvement strategies.  Under each strategy are a list of resources to support IQIP efforts.

  1. Schedule the next immunization visit before the patient leaves the office.
  1. Leverage immunization registry functionality to support immunization practice.
  1. Give a strong vaccine recommendation. 
  1. Improve influenza vaccination coverage among 2 year olds.

Questions about the IQIP program? Contact the VFC Field Representative in your area.


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