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California VFC Program Recertification

What is Recertification?

Each year, VFC Providers renew their participation in the VFC Program by updating their information, completing all required EZIZ trainings, and signing new requirement agreements with the VFC Program. In California, the recertification form is completed online at MyVFCVaccines.

Requirements change slightly each year. Review the Recertification FAQs and the Recertification Process for the most up-to-date information. 

Who Needs to Recertify?

It is a federal requirement for all enrolled VFC providers to recertify. Providers who do not recertify are ineligible to receive publicly funded vaccines.

When is Recertification?

Recertification launches in December. Providers have about a month to complete the process. The California VFC Program sends information a few weeks before the process begins. Additionally, VFC Customer Service Representatives are always available to answer questions at 1-877-2GET-VFC (1-877-243-8832).

Who Needs to Complete the Educational Requirements?

Key practice staff are required to complete federal educational requirements. New trainings or a review of previous trainings may be required to stay informed of VFC Program requirements. Requirements change slightly each year. Review the Recertification FAQs for the most up-to-date information.

How Should the Provider of Record Prepare?

In California, most of the practice’s information is pre-populated in the online recertification form. However, be prepared to provide current:

  • Names and contact information for Key Practice Staff;
  • Medical license numbers and National Provider IDs (NPI);
  • Number of VFC and non-VFC children immunized;
  • Shipping address, delivery days, and times;
  • Brands and models of each refrigerator and freezer (storage unit) used to store VFC vaccines;
  • Type, serial number, and calibration expiration date of each thermometer and backup thermometer used to monitor storage unit temperatures;
  • Provider of Record’s signatures on VFC agreements after they carefully review current VFC Program requirements.

Utilize the Recertification Worksheet to help gather this information ahead of time.

Where Can I Verify Medical License Numbers?

The California Department of Consumer Affairs BreEZe online service allows consumers to verify professional licenses.

Where Can I Find A National Provider Identification (NPI) Number?

Providers can look up their NPI number on the National Plan & Provider Enumeration System (NPPES) NPI Registry Public Search.