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Provider Requirements

To Participate in the VFC Program

VFC providers agree to order and provide all age-appropriate ACIP-recommended vaccines to VFC-eligible patient populations. In exchange for federally funded vaccines, enrolled providers agree to partner with the VFC Program to ensure that program requirements are met in order to protect the integrity of the program as well as the provider’s vaccines and patients.

Enrollment in Medi-Cal or CHDP is not required. Providers are not required to accept children solely because the children are eligible for the VFC Program.

VFC Program requirements are summarized in the annual Program Participation Requirements at a Glance and defined in the VFC Provider Agreement (federal agreement) and California VFC Program Provider Agreement Addendum.

Providers recertify each year and are visited periodically by VFC Field Representatives who conduct scheduled compliance visits and unannounced storage & handling visits to assess the provider’s compliance with CDC’s standards as well as other VFC Program requirements.

Compliance Visits 

As a condition for participation in the VFC Program, providers must allow site visits from authorized VFC representatives. Site visits are educational opportunities designed to improve compliance with the VFC Program and thereby improve patient immunization levels. Enrolled and active providers receive a VFC compliance visit at least every other year, or more frequently if indicated. Site visits help determine provider compliance with VFC Program requirements, including adherence to vaccine eligibility screening and documentation, accountability, and vaccine management. The Provider of Record or Designee and all key practice staff responsible for vaccine management and administration must be present for site visits, which are scheduled to best accommodate the convenience of the practice.