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EZIZ Training

Before Taking the Training

Note: EZIZ training has not been updated for COVID-19 vaccine. Refer to COVID-19 Vaccine Resources for product training and clinical resources.

Equipment needed:

  • Computer with speakers/earbuds/headphones
  • High speed internet connection
  • Preferred Web Browsers:
    • PC: Edge, Chrome
    • MAC: Chrome

 Start lessons or review learning objectives below.


Learning Objectives

VFC Program

VFC Program Requirements (32 min.)
Identify responsibilities of the Vaccine Coordinator;
Identify responsibilities of the Provider of Record;
Comply with California VFC Program requirements

Storage and Handling

Storing Vaccines (20 min.)
Identify recommended temperature ranges;
Describe how proper equipment protects your vaccines;
List actions you can take to protect vaccines before and after delivery.

Monitoring Storage Unit Temperatures (20 min.)
List the benefits of using data loggers;
Record temperatures consistently and accurately
Take corrective action for all out-of-range temperatures;
Conduct the supervisor’s review

Vaccine Inventory Management

Conducting a Vaccine Inventory (20 min.)
Identify vaccine brand name and packaging;
Enter lot numbers, expiration dates,
and total doses on hand on VFC Inventory Form for all VFC vaccines

Vaccine Management Plan

Review and print the Vaccine Management Plan template

Vaccine Administration (optional)

Preparing Vaccines (25 min.)
Select vaccines based on physicians’ orders;
Identify expired vaccines;
Mix, reconstitute, and draw up vaccines

Administering Vaccines (15 min.)
Identify correct needle lengths, insertion angles, and injection sites for intramuscular (IM) and subcutaneous (SC) injections;
Administer IM and SC injections

EZIZ lessons are based on California VFC program requirements and best practices. Most references to temperatures are in Fahrenheit. Refer to other states’ immunization program websites for information outside of California.