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Frequently Asked Questions

Flu & Respiratory Disease Prevention Promotional Materials

School-aged Children

All Ages

Parents and Caregivers

Pregnant People

Older Adults (60+)

Healthcare Workers

High Risk Conditions

Essential Workers

Young Adults

Native Americans

  • Life is a Delicate Balance flyer in yellow and beige (CDC)

General Respiratory Disease Prevention

School Respiratory Disease Prevention


  • Prevent Flu! Get a Flu Vaccine and Take Preventative Actions (CDC)
  • CDC Public Safety Announcements (audio and video)
  • La Influenza (CDC) (60 segundos, 30 segundos)
    Anuncio de servicio público de 30 y 60 segundos cuenta con un experto en influenza explicando la gravedad de la influenza e instando la vacunación contra la influenza anual para todas las personas mayores de 6 meses edad.
  • The Cougher (60 sec, 30 sec)
    A professionally produced video clip from the Florida Health Department using comedy to illustrate the importance of respiratory and hand hygiene for flu prevention.
  • Sick Day
    A humorous 60 second video clip produced by the Florida Health Department illustrating the scenario of a sick employee that refuses to go home and exposes his co-workers to disease-causing germs.
  • Urinal Guy (60 sec, 30 sec)
    A comical video clip produced by the Florida Health Department to illustrate the importance of hand hygiene.