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The purpose of the Certificates of Achievement is to recognize VFC clinics for outstanding achievements in immunization assessed as part of their IQIP quality improvement visits

  • Gold seal certificate for 80%+ childhood and/or adolescent immunization rates
  • Silver seal certificate for 70-79% childhood and/or adolescent immunization rates


Clinics are eligible if they meet the following criteria:

  • Active VFC account
  • Demonstrate ≥70% childhood (DTaP:IPV:MMR:Hib:HepB:VAR:PCV) and/or adolescent (Tdap:MenACWY:HPV) series immunization rates, whether assessed at initial or 12 month IQIP visit.

Gold Seal Certificate Winner


  • Adventist Health Medical Office Avenal West, Kings County
  • Joyce Chong, MD Pediatrics, Orange County
  • Mee Memorial Greenfield Clinic
    Roy Schindelheim, MD and Fanny Arriola
  • Lompoc Valley Peds Care Center
    Cindy Blifeld
  • Maria Remedios R. Gopez
  • KUSD Community Health Center
    Husam Kaileh, MD
  • Clinica CHOC Para Ninos
    Judy Cheng, MD

  • Elm Street Family Health Center
  • United Helth Centers of SJV - Selma Rose
    Bruno Garcia, MD and Joann Yanes

  • ​Delano Urgent Care Medical Office
    Venkatrao Isola, MD and Julius Ga
  • Himat G. Tank Pediatrics
    Himat Tank, MD and Tonya Bausley
  • CHC Del Valle
    Dr. Steve Clarke, Carlos Hernandez, and
    Danicia Ormonde

  • Occidental Area Health Center
    Dr. Rain Moore, and Diana Montero

  • Bay Area Community Health – Liberty
    Gemma Jamena, MD, Beant Kaur

  • Bay Area Community Health – Main St
    Satyasree Konda, MD, Charanjit Cheema

  • Orchard Medical Center
    Daryoush Kashani, M.D., Pedro Escobar, P.A.

  • Reedley Wellness Center
    Jacob Peters, M.D., Julianne Forcan

  • Mee Memorial Greenfield Clinic
    Jorge Feria, MD, Lucia Ansaldo


  • Community Health Centers (CHC) – Santa Maria 2
    John Khan-Variba, MD
  • Maria Remedios R. Gopez
  • Delano Urgent Care Medical Office
    Venkatrao Isola, MD and Julius Ga

  • Chopra, MD Inc.
    Raman Chopra, MD, Eliza Revelo

  • CHC Santa Maria
    Steve Clark, MD, Jessica Diaz, MA


Silver Seal Certificate Winner


  • AHMO – Parlier Newmark 
    Raul Ayala, MD and Nora Analiz





  • Adventist Health Medical Office Avenal, Kings County


  • Adventist Health Medical Office – Huron
    Raul Ayala, MD

  • Community Health Centers  Del Mar 
    John Khan-Variba, MD and Reynalda Diaz
  • Marin Community Clinic
    Dr. Lisa Leavitt, and Atsuko Yasuda
  • American Indian Health and Services
    Bradley Hope, MD, Edith Santamaria, Deonna Perez

  • Valley Pediatrics
    Gamdur Brar, MD and Susan Casarez-Pena

  • AHMO Home Garden
    Raul Ayala, MD, Zarina Cadiente, and Daisy Atkinson

  • CHC San Miguel
    Steve Clarke, MD and Vanessa Rendon

  • Moorpark Family Medical Clinic 
    John Ippolito, MD, Cambria Garner

  • Delano Urgent Care Medical Office:
    Jesus Macanas, N.P., VC: Julius Ga

  • Adventist Health Medical Office – Caruthers
    Raul Ayala, M.D., Sonia Santellana

  • Westside Medical Group, Inc.
    Dennis Miller, D.O., Monica Ochoa

  • Mee Memorial King City
    Sandra Montijo, MD, Stacey Gomez


  • United Health Centers – Orange Cove
    Hugh Yang, D.O., Abigail Islas

  • Westside Neighborhood Clinic
    Susan Lawson, MD, Ana Cruz, and Leticia Flores

  • Clinica De Salud – Sanborn
    Jon Yoshiyama, MD, Teresa Gomez


  • Kaiser Permanente – Vallejo Medical Center 
    Yasuko Fukuda, MD





  • Adventist Health Medical Office Avenal – Reedley Children’s Health
    Raul Ayala, MD

  • Community Health Centers (CHC) – Santa Maria
    John Khan-Variba, MD
  • Camarena Health Center 6th St
    Joel Ramirez, MD
  • North East Medical Services
    Jackie Lam, MD and Beatrice Sugiono
    Robert Elliott, MD, Erika Cortez

  • La Clinica Julian RDavis Pediatrics
    Nicole Suleiman, MD, Nancy Lam, MA

  • Ole Health East Fairfield
    Teresa Shinder, D.O., Karla Sahagun