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Vaccine Order Status

Order Processing Updates:

Due to the increased volume of orders, VFC’s national vaccine distributor McKesson is currently experiencing a backlog of shipping routine non-COVID vaccine orders, resulting in delayed shipments.  McKesson is working to significantly reduce the backlog and plans to ship older orders first until the backlog is cleared. Flu and COVID vaccine orders are shipping separately and are NOT affected by the delay. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Vaccine orders and shipments will not be impacted by a government shutdown. Vaccine orders will continue to be reviewed and processed as normal.

Regular Vaccine Supply Information:

COVID-19 Vaccine:

COVID-19 vaccine is now available to order from the VFC Program. To allow for smaller but more frequent orders, the VFC Program is allowing all providers to order COVID-19 vaccines monthly, but you may need to report your full VFC vaccine inventory if your last order was more than 30 days ago. Order enough COVID-19 vaccine that can be used within the monthly order timeframe, but keep in mind that vaccine requests may be reduced based on available supply allocations from CDC. For more information, please refer to the VFC communication that was sent on September 19, 2023.

Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine

As of September 1, 2023, Prevnar 13 is no longer available. However, Prevnar 20 (NDC: 00005-2000-10) and Vaxneuvance (NDC: 00006-4329-03) are still available for ordering.

Meningococcal Vaccine:

As of September 1, 2023, the new Menveo one-vial is available for ordering through the VFC Program. However, the existing Menveo two-vial presentation will be available in limited amounts, and it will be important to target this product for use in children aged 2 months through 2 years of age at high risk for Meningococcal disease.  This product is the only meningococcal conjugate vaccine approved for use in this age group. Requests for the limited Menveo two-vial vaccine will have a minimum order size of 1 dose with a maximum request of 5 doses. 

As of June 2, 2022, Menactra has been discontinued and is no longer available. However, Menveo and MenQuadfi are available to order.

Td Vaccine:

Until further notice, CDC has instituted temporary ordering controls to mitigate a potential supply constraint for Td vaccine. Once our allocation is exceeded for the month, Td vaccine will be unavailable to order until our allocation is refreshed the following month. Please remember to order and administer Tdap instead of Td whenever possible.

BRAND NDC NDC Description Currently Available?


TD; 10-pack of syringes



TD; 10-pack of single dose vials



TD; 10-pack of single dose vials



Rotavirus Vaccine:

As of March 6, 2023, ROTARIX (NDC 58160-0854-52, a vial and oral dosing applicator) is discontinued and no longer available. However, ROTARIX (NDC 58160-0740-21, an oral dosing applicator only presentation) is available to order.


Influenza Vaccine Supply Information:

The VFC Program has completed most initial orders of Fluarix®, Flucelvax®, and FluLaval®. We will continue processing initial orders of Fluzone® and FluMist® as soon as more supply becomes available at our national vaccine distributor McKesson . If you need additional doses from what your practice had pre-booked, you can request more when the Additional Flu Order system opens up in mid-October.

IMPORTANT: If your clinic will be closed in the next few weeks, please notify the VFC Program immediately at 1-877-243-8832 to prevent any shipping incidents. Orders cannot be cancelled once they have been processed and shipments must not be refused when delivered!

Products Dose Volume Age Group Currently available?
Fluarix® pre-filled syringes, GSK 0.5 mL 6 months-18 years


Flucelvax® pre-filled syringes, Seqirus 0.5 mL 6 months-18 years


FluLaval® pre-filled syringes, GSK 0.5 mL 6 months-18 years


Fluzone® pre-filled syringes, Sanofi 0.5 mL 6 months-18 years


FluMist® pre-filled syringes, AstraZeneca 0.2 mL 2 years-18 years




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