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VFC Recertification Training Requirement: FAQs

Who is the Provider of Record and Designee?

The Provider of Record for your practice is the physician-in-chief, medical director, or equivalent role for your clinic that will sign and agree to the terms of the VFC Provider Agreement and the VFC Certification of Capacity to Store and Manage Vaccines for VFC Recertification.
NOTE: the Provider of Record must be a licensed Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Physician Assistant (PA), pharmacist or a Certified Nurse Midwife with prescription writing privileges in the State of California.

The Provider of Record Designee is the person that is designated by the Provider of Record to be able to sign VFC documents on his/her behalf and assume responsibility for VFC-related matters in the absence of the Provider of Record (ex: being present during VFC site visits on behalf of the Provider of Record).

Who is the Vaccine Coordinator and Back-up?

The Vaccine Coordinator is an on-site staff that is responsible for vaccine management activities including receiving and properly storing  vaccine shipments, monitoring temperatures of your refrigerator and freezer units, conducting inventory, and ordering vaccines.

The Back-Up Vaccine Coordinator is an on-site staff that is fully trained in the practice’s vaccine management activities and fulfills the responsibilities of the Vaccine Coordinator if the Vaccine Coordinator is unavailable.

I already took the training. Do I need to take it again?

Yes. Every year the Provider of Record, Designee, Vaccine Coordinator, and Back-up must complete their respective EZIZ training requirements before their practice can be recertified. If you previously passed a lesson and if you successfully pass the pre-test this year, you do not need to take the entire lesson.

How long will the training take?

If you need to take all the lessons, allow 2-3 hours. Individual lessons take about 15-30 minutes.

Do I have to complete all the lessons at once?

No. You may take one lesson at time or even stop in the middle of a lesson and go back where you left off—as long as you use the same computer. If you use a different computer, you can still log in, but you may have to start at the beginning of the lesson.

Can other staff also take the training?

Yes. All immunization staff are encouraged to take the EZIZ Training. But only the Provider of Record, Designee, Vaccine Coordinator, and Back-up are required to take it for VFC recertification.

What if we recently changed Vaccine Coordinators?

If the Vaccine Coordinator changes before recertification, the new coordinator must register and complete the training requirement before the practice can recertify.

Do I need a special computer or software for the training?

Make sure that Adobe Flash is installed and JavaScript is enabled. Pop-ups will provide instructions for installing or enabling software as needed. There is no way to do the training without a computer with internet access. If you do not have a computer, perhaps you could use one at a local library.

I can’t get the EZIZ training to work. What should I do?

First look through the EZIZ Training Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

If you do not find the solution to your problem in the FAQs, email or call 877-243-8832

Can we take the training as a group?

No. The training is designed for individuals, not groups. And if you are taking EZIZ lessons to fulfill the VFC recertification training requirement, the training must be credited to you as an individual to meet the requirement.

What if I don’t pass the post-lesson check?

Most of the lessons require a passing score of 80% before you can print the certificate of completion. If you do not pass the post-lesson check, you can take it again. You can review the lesson first, if you’d like.

What if the Vaccine Coordinator or the Provider of Record does not complete the required lessons?

Your practice will not be able to recertify and your vaccine ordering privileges will be suspended.

If I am responsible for more than one practice, do I need to take the training for each PIN?

No. Each Vaccine Coordinator, Back-up, Provider of Record, and Designee need to take the required lessons once in the calendar year. Call the VFC Program to get credit for taking the lessons under multiple PIN numbers. You’ll need to provide your EZIZ user name and PIN numbers.