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CDPH Immunization Branch “UPDATE”

IZ Update

The Immunization Branch’s UPDATE memorandum shares the latest medical and technical information on immunization, vaccines, and immunization programs.

Current Issue: July 2015

In this issue…

  • Lead Story: Governor Signs SB277 into Law
  • ACIP Updates (Permissive Recommendation for MenB Vaccines at Ages 16-23 Yrs;
    One Year or More Between PCV13 and PPSV23 for Adults Age 65+)
  • Epi/VPD News (California Pertussis Update)
  • Statewide Campaigns (IZ Branch Sponsors Radio Spots Targeting Pregnant Women; Get Ready for NIAM!; Wrap-Up: NIIW/TIM 2015; New Infant Pertussis Story on Shot by Shot)
  • Vaccine News (Reported Deaths in VAERS 1997-2013 Similar to Those in US; Measles Increases Overall Childhood Infectious Disease Mortality; Receipt of MMR Not Associated with Autism; HPV Vaccination in 8th and 9th grades Decreases Cervical Dysplasia; First Pertussis Dose and Prevention of Infant Mortality)
  • School Immunization News (Non-Reporting and High ‘Conditional’ Public Schools to be Audited in 2015-16;  New Online Blue Book Coming!; Collaborates with Branch)
  • CAIR News (CAIR Upgrades Performance)
  • Provider Education (Communication with Vaccine-Hesitant Parents Getting Ready for HPV9; Patients More Likely to get HPV Vaccinations After EHR Prompt; Reporting Vaccine Errors: Two Publications)
  • Branch Staff Updates
  • Calendar of Upcoming Events
  • New Materials/Online Resources

Read July 2015 issue (PDF)



April-Measles Outbreak, IZ Branch Welcomes New Chief
January-California Pertussis Epidemic 2014


October-Time to Immunize Against Influenza
July-California Declares Pertussis Epidemic
March-New IZ Branch Leadership


December-California’s PBE Law: What You Need to Know
August- Tdap During Late Pregnancy to Protect Young Infants
May – New! CAIR Online Registration and Software Upgrade
February – Flu Widespread


November – New PBE Law Takes Effect in 2014
August – Measles – An Olympic Souvenir?
May - High Marks for School Tdap Requirement
February – Preteen Vaccine Week, New Video, Tdap Informing


November – Tdap Law Year 1, Many Thanks
August – California Gets Ready for New Tdap Law – Optional Grace Period
May – Countdown to California’s Tdap Requirement
February – Branch Highlights New School Tdap Law


November – New Tdap School Law Signed by Governor
August – California’s Pertussis Epidemic
May – Shot by Shot Campaign Launches!
February - Stop H1N1 Campaign


November – H1N1 Update
August – Getting Ready for Flu Season
May – California Responds to Novel H1N1 Virus
February - Why I Choose


December – Virtual Townhall
October – Influenza Vaccine Promotion
August – EZ IZ Goes Live
June – Measles Health Alert
April – Brochure 2 Blog Debuts
February – Special immunization schedule for Hib vaccine.

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