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Pharmacy Resources

Pharmacists’ Patient Care Process to Immunization Services

Below are the steps, along with helpful resources, describing the process to providing immunization services. This guidance is consistent with the National Vaccine Advisory Committee and CDC Standards for Adult Immunization Practice.

1. ​Collect patient information to screen for contraindications and indications. Sources of information include immunization registry records, patient records, and patient-provided information.

2. Assess immunization needs based on patient’s age, health conditions, lifestyle, occupation, and immunization history.  

3. Develop a patient-centered care plan that includes giving a strong recommendation and offering of vaccine(s) or referral to another health care provider who can administer the vaccine(s), as appropriate.

4. Implement the care plan by administering the vaccine (or refer, if applicable). Record vaccine administered in pharmacy records and California Immunization Registry (CAIR) (if not submitting data electronically). Provide the patient with Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) and immunization documentation. Notify primary care provider (if known) or prenatal care provider (if applicable) of vaccine(s) administered. 


5. Follow up with patient by monitoring for syncope or adverse reactions. Let patient know of any subsequent vaccine doses needed.

Additional Resources