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Order Processing Updates:

There are currently no delays in the processing of federally-supplied vaccine requests. Received requests are promptly reviewed, approved and processed by the VFC Program’s Customer Service Center.

Providers can expect to receive their vaccines within 14 days after receiving the order processed email notification.  Vaccines may sometimes arrive within a few days, but during peak ordering periods (back-to-school, flu season, and during the launch of a new vaccine), the VFC Program receives a higher than usual volume of vaccine requests.  Although orders are processed as efficiently as possible during these periods, it may take longer for vaccine orders to be processed and delivered.  Contact the VFC Customer Service Center if vaccines have not arrived within two weeks.

Regular Vaccine Supply Information:

Currently, there are no delays or supply issues with VFC-supplied vaccines. Refrigerated vaccines are shipped by McKesson Specialty and frozen vaccines (varicella-containing products) are shipped directly to your practice by the vaccine manufacturer, Merck.

Influenza Vaccine Supply Information:

The VFC Program processed all initial flu orders in full and opened Supplemental Influenza Vaccine Ordering in October 2017.  Providers may request additional flu vaccine doses as needed and supplemental ordering will remain open throughout influenza season as vaccine supply permits.

Below is a list of all influenza products currently available for supplemental flu ordering through the VFC Program, as supply permits:

Product Age Group  Supply
Fluzone®  Quadrivalent Preservative Free 
Pediatric Formulation
0.25mL, Single-Dose Syringes, Sanofi Pasteur
6-35 Months Available for ordering
Fluzone® Quadrivalent Preservative Free 
0.5mL, Single-Dose Syringes, Sanofi Pasteur
3-18 Years Available for ordering
Flucelvax® Quadrivalent Preservative Free 
0.5mL, Single-Dose Syringes, Seqirus 
4-18 years Available for ordering



  • Log-in to your MyVFCVaccines account to verify that your clinic’s hours of operation are updated.  This ensures a timely delivery of your vaccine shipments and prevents undeliverable shipment attempts which may lead to vaccine being spoiled.