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There are currently no delays in the processing of VFC vaccine requests. Received requests are promptly reviewed, approved and processed by VFC’s Customer Service Center.

Although vaccines may sometimes arrive within a few days of submitting your request, we ask that you place your vaccine request with sufficient doses on hand to allow up to 3 weeks for the receipt of your vaccine shipment. In the event that your shipment takes the full 3 weeks to arrive, you will not run out of inventory while you wait for your shipment.

Order Processing Updates

Regular Vaccine Requests:

All pending vaccine requests received as of Friday, October 17, 2014, have been processed and submitted to VFC’s National vaccine distributor. Providers should expect to receive vaccine shipments no later than October 31, 2014. Varicella vaccine requests will be shipped directly to your practice by the vaccine manufacturer, Merck, within the same time frame.

Current Vaccine Supply Information:

GSK’s Kinrix (DTaP/IPV) single dose syringes and single dose vials are currently unavailable for ordering.  Future availablility is to be determined.  The following alternative single antigen products are available:

  • GSK DTaP vaccine: Infanrix (single dose vials)
  • Sanofi pasteur DTap vaccine: Daptacel (single dose vials)
  • Sanofi pasteur IPV vaccine: IPOL (10 dose vials)

GSK’s Infanrix (DTaP) single dose syringes are currently unavailable for ordering.  It is tentatively expected to be available again in early November.  Infanrix single dose vials are still available for ordering.

VFC’s on-line vaccine ordering system, MYVFCVaccines, is a fast way to submit your order to VFC! It provides an instant order confirmation via e-mail upon order submission.  Once an order is processed and submitted to VFC’s national vaccine distributor, McKesson Specialty, it sends another e-mail alerting clinic staff of the pending shipment.