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Vaccine Administration System

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My Turn is a system that gives providers an all-in-one application for vaccine eligibility, public appointment scheduling, walk-in appointments, dose administration, and reporting for vaccine clinics. My Turn currently supports appointments for COVID-19, flu, and mpox vaccinations, with broader vaccine support coming in the future.

For more information, visit the My Turn website.

Steps to Enroll

I do NOT have a myCAvax account:

  1. Visit​
  2. Select the ‘My Turn’ tab next to the ‘Home’ tab to view the ‘My Turn’ landing page.​
  3. On the ‘My Turn’ landing page, select either the ‘Enroll your organization’ or ‘Enroll Now’ button. Begin enrolling in My Turn on the ‘Step 1 – Create an account’ page

I have a myCAvax account:

  1. Log in to myCAvax using your usual credentials. ​
  2. Select the ‘My Turn Enrollment’ tab next to the ‘Enrollment’ tab to view the Enrollment page.​
  3. On the Enrollment page, select the ‘Enroll Location’ button. The page redirects to the ‘Step 1 – Required Training’ page to begin My Turn enrollment.​

Enrollment Resources

Questions About Enrollment?

Contact the Provider Call Center at:

My Turn Training Resources:

Latest Features in My Turn

My Turn Offline Resources