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Reporting Temperature Excursions

Providers participating in any of California’s vaccination programs agree to report all temperature excursions following California VFC Program requirements.

All temperature excursions for publicly supplied vaccines must be documented on temperature logs and reported at myCAvax. Manufacturers use your excursion details to determine whether vaccines may be administered to patients. Timely and accurate reporting of temperature excursions is essential for a successful determination of vaccine stability.

Staff must immediately quarantine affected vaccines and notify relevant staff. Do not administer vaccines until stability has been determined.

How to Report

Direct staff to How to Record Temperatures for details.

Step Instructions
1. Post DO NOT USE sign on storage unit to quarantine vaccines.
2. Download and save your data logger’s temperature data file.
3. Review data file to find all excursions.
4. Provide details to manufacturer to determine vaccine stability.
5. Report excursion at myCAvax for all vaccine funding sources.
6. Record myCAvax Batch Excursion Number on temperature log.








Vaccine Manufacturers

Manufacturer Contact Number​ Stability Calculator​
Dynavax 1-84-HEPLISAV;
(844) 375-4728 ​
GlaxoSmithKline 1-877-GSK-MI4U; 
(877) 475-6448​
MassBiologics (Grifols)​ (888) 825-5249​ N/A​
MedImmune (AstraZeneca)​

(800) 236-9933 ​

Merck​ (800) 672-6372
Press: 1, 2, 2​
Moderna​ (866) 663-3762​ Link
Novavax​ 1-844-NOVAVAX
option 2
Pfizer​ (800) 438-1985
Press: 3​
Sanofi Pasteur​ (800) 822-2463​ Link
Seqirus​ (855) 358-8966 N/A














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