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Data Logger Calibration FAQs

Show What is data logger calibration?

Show When should I get a data logger calibrated?

Show Why is traceability important?

Show If I have a NIST certified data logger, will that meet
    VFC Program requirements?

Show Must a laboratory have an ILAC/MRA logo on certificates of traceability
    and calibration testing it issues to show it is an accredited laboratory?

Show What calibration standard is required for data loggers used by
    VFC providers?

Show May staff at VFC provider practices be certified to do their own
    device calibration?

Show How do I find an accredited laboratory?

Show Which calibration laboratory should
    a VFC provider use?

Show When I contact a laboratory to
    calibrate my thermometer, what do I tell them?

Show How many calibration points should
    be tested?

Show What must be included on a
    certificate of calibration testing?

Show What device do I use while
    mine is at the laboratory being calibrated?

Show How long does it take to get a
    data logger calibrated?

Show At what calibration interval should a
    data logger be calibrated?

Show How much does it cost to calibrate a

Show How does one pay a laboratory for
    calibration services?

Show My thermometer does not meet the 
    required level of accuracy of +/- 1.0 degree 
    Fahrenheit (+/- 0.5 degree Celsius). Should
    I recalibrate or replace it?