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How to Get Devices Calibrated

Calibration Testing Made Easy

  1. Confirm that your device is a VFC-compliant data logger. Do not rely solely on the device photo.
  2. Find a calibration laboratory. Refer to the Certificate of Calibration Quick Guide to verify that the lab provides a certificate of calibration testing that meets VFC Program requirements.
  3. Place your backup device in the your vaccine storage unit while the primary device is being tested, or vice versa.
  4. Ship the device to the laboratory.
  5. When your data logger is returned, complete these remaining steps:
  • Review the certificates of calibration to confirm the testing results. If the certificate shows results of “fail” or “not in tolerance”, the device must be replaced. Contact the laboratory if you are unclear about the meaning of any of the information that appears on the certificate of calibration.
  • Keep the certificates of calibration on file and make them available to VFC Program Field Representatives upon request.
  • Schedule a reminder for recalibration in advance of expiration dates of each device’s certificate of calibration.

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