Provider Support

COVID Call Center

Email: Program Info
Phone: (833) 502-1245
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8AM-6PM

Contact us for questions about the program or help with accessing documents.

myCAvax and My Turn

myCAvax Technical Support
MyTurn Onboarding,
MyTurn Technical Support
Phone: (833) 502-1245
Mon–Fri, 7AM–7PM
Sat–Sun, 8AM–1PM

My Turn Clinic Translation Line:
(833) 980-3933
Mon–Fri: 8AM–8PM
Sun–Sat: 8AM–5PM


Manufacturer Contacts

Vaccine Manufacturers’ Contact


  • Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Website
  • General Product Inquiries: (877) 829-2619
  • Safety/Viability Information: (800) 438-1985
  • Shipment Support: (800) 666-7248, Email: 
  • Controlant Customer Service: (855) 44-CONTROL
    For assistance with on-site temperature monitoring of Pfizer thermal shippers, be prepared to confirm Box ID (on inside flap) and Logger ID (on the Controlant Monitor).



Ancillary Kits

  • Missing or Incomplete Kits: (833) 502-1245 Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.