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VFC Program: Birthing Hospitals

Want to become a VFC-enrolled birthing hospital?

1. See the VFC Program Enrollment process to get started.

2. Join us for special enrollment seminars for birthing hospitals every Wednesday now through August 28, 2024. The next seminar will be held on July 24, 2024 at 1:30pm. Register today!

3. Contact the VFC Program Call Center (877) 243-8832 or at or see these FAQs for additional information.

Not sure if VFC is right for you?

View one of the Win-Win webinars listed below to get answers to many of the top questions for hospitals considering enrollment.

Resources for hospitals enrolling in VFC 



Resources for updating your EHR/EMR for VFC

Immunization-friendly Birthing Hospital Honor Roll

CDPH is honoring California birthing and neonatal hospitals enrolled in VFC and administering nirsevimab doses to VFC-eligible children. See the list of hospitals in our honor roll.

VFC Program Benefits for Birthing Hospitals

We strongly encourage birthing hospitals, acute care hospitals, and others providing care to neonatal patients to join the VFC Program to ensure newborns are immunized against RSV and Hepatitis B; enrolled birthing hospitals will only be required to administer RSV and Hep B immunizations. By enrolling, birthing hospitals will benefit by:

  • Receiving RSV (nirsevimab) and Hepatitis B immunizations at no cost,
  • Protecting your infant patients with recommended vaccines before they leave the hospital,
  • Getting ongoing educational and quality assurance support, and
  • Preventing RSV and Hep B among vulnerable communities in California.

Did you know? 

  • Birthing institutions can participate in the VFC Program, regardless of whether they accept Medi-Cal!
  • Birthing institutions are not required to carry all ACIP-recommended vaccines to participate in VFC. You may choose to only order RSV and Hepatitis B immunizations for newborns.
  • VFC and commercial vaccines can be stored in the same storage unit.