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Frequently Asked Questions

California Vaccines for Adults Program/317


Through the California Vaccines for Adults (VFA) Program, eligible Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC)/FQHC Look-Alikes/Rural Health Centers (RHC) in the state applied to receive adult vaccines in order to provide free or low-cost immunizations to uninsured or underinsured adults (19 years of age and older). Vaccines supplied through this program are funded with limited federal Section 317 funding. The number of approved doses is based on available funding and received requests. The program timeframe is for a one-year period (and will be extended as funding permits).

The purpose of the California VFA Program is to expand access to 317-funded vaccines to FQHCs/FQHC Look-Alikes and RHCs that are already providing healthcare services to uninsured and underinsured adult populations; integrate immunizations as part of routine adult care; and learn about essential aspects of coordinating adult immunization services within FQHCs and RHCs.

We are currently NOT accepting applications.


Federally Qualified Health Centers, FQHC Look-Alikes, and Rural Health Centers are eligible if they can demonstrate:

  • Current and active participation in the California Vaccines for Children Program (VFC);
  • Experience providing a safety net for uninsured and underinsured adults;
  • Current participation in an Immunization Information System (e.g., California Immunization Registry – CAIR) or use of an Electronic Health Record (EHR).

NOTE: FQHC/RHC organizations with satellite sites serving adult populations that are not enrolled in the VFC Program may apply to receive 317 doses; however, the site may require a new enrollment approval site visit.

Eligible Populations

Adults, 19 years of age and older, served by the clinic, who are:

  • Uninsured: An adult without any health insurance coverage (public or private coverage). 
  • Underinsured: An adult who has health insurance, but the coverage does not include vaccines or a person whose insurance covers only selected vaccines.

Note: Fully insured adults are not eligible to receive VFA vaccines (adults with Medi-Cal coverage are considered insured and are therefore not eligible to receive 317-funded vaccines since the Medi-Cal program covers all ACIP-recommended immunizations). Refer to California VFA/VFC Vaccine Eligibility Guidelines for more information.


In order to participate in the California Vaccines for Adults (VFA) Program, organizations will agree to comply with program requirements outlined in the 2016 Vaccines for Adults Program Provider Agreement and the Certification of Capacity to Store and Manage Vaccines. Program requirements of particular importance are the following:

  • Have appropriate vaccine storage units
  • Use VFA-compliant continuous temperature monitoring devices
  • Manually check and record temperatures twice a day
  • Develop a process to screen for eligibility at each immunization visit
  • Charge patients no more than $26.03 per vaccine for an administration fee
  • Submit required reporting elements (as per CDPH timelines) for
    • Doses on hand
    • Doses administered for each vaccine
    • Total number of doses administered by vaccine type

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