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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Data Loggers

Digital data loggers read and record vaccine temperatures continuously to give providers an accurate reporting of vaccine temperatures over time. These devices are also called “continuous temperature monitoring devices” or just “data loggers.”

Newly enrolled providers must use a VFC-compliant data logger in any refrigerator or freezer storing VFC-supplied vaccines. Practices must also have at least one backup device for use when a primary device fails or is being calibrated. Every device must have a valid and current certificate of calibration.

Existing providers must purchase data loggers upon expiration of the certificates of calibration for primary and backup devices but no later than December 1, 2017.

Importance and Use of Data Loggers

Data loggers

  • monitor vaccine temperatures continuously—even when the practice is closed,
  • may have alert capabilities to notify clinic staff of temperature excursions during non-business hours,
  • determine how long vaccines have been exposed to out-of-range temperatures,
  • prevent unnecessary vaccine losses when excursion time frames cannot be precisely determined, and
  • show how a storage unit’s temperature increases and decreases over time.

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