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Afternoon TEAch

Afternoon TEAch with VFC and CDPH is a new webinar series offered live to all providers participating in the California VFC Program. Always held at noon for an hour, these free online webinars will cover a variety of immunization topics to help in your daily immunization work.

Archived Webinars


  • Best Practices for Promoting Adolescent Vaccination (March 2024) Slides Video 


  • Vaccines for Children (VFC) – What’s New with Winter Respiratory Viruses? (December 2023) Slides Video
  • Updates on COVID-19 Vaccine Formulation and Recommendations for Children (September 2023) Slides | Video
  • Updated CDC ACIP Immunization Recommendations for Children and Adolescents (April 2023) Slides Video


  • Practical Tips for Strengthening Your Clinic’s COVID-19 Vaccination Services (November 2022) Slides | Video
  • 2022-23 Seasonal Influenza (September 2022) Slides | Video


  • Planning for Fall: Pediatric Immunizations and the California COVID-19 Vaccination Program (July 2021) Slides | Video
  • Catching up on Routine Vaccinations During the COVID-19 Pandemic (May 2021) Slides | Video



  • How to Increase Influenza Vaccine Coverage in Your Clinic Slides | Video 
  • Best Practices for Temperature Monitoring  Promo Email | Video
  • Protect Your Vaccines, Protect Your Patients Video