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California COVID-19
Vaccination Program and Network

Steps to Participation

Please review the steps below to ensure your organization or practice has completed all actions required for your provider organization or practice to participate in California’s COVID-19 Vaccinaton Program and Network.

Whether you have already completed some of the steps, or are new to the entire process, we want to ensure you have a quick-reference overview of all the steps needed for participation, so that together, we can keep working together to ensure that Californians have the best possible opportunities for getting vaccinated as equitably, safely, and efficiently as possible. 

Which Category Describes the Status of Your Practice or Provider Organization?

Select a category that will provide the information you need to begin or complete all of the steps for participation.

Category A: New to all steps for participation in California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Program and enhanced network

Category B: Already enrolled in myCAvax and CAIR2/RIDE/SDIR but Not Contracted for TPA provider agreement and Not Onboarded to My Turn

General Questions About Participation? Contact Us.

Resources for Enrollment in myCAvax

Resources for learning about My Turn

Please visit the My Turn Onboarding page at this website to learn all about the process you can expect for being onboarded to the My Turn platform.