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California COVID-19
Vaccination Program and Network

Steps to Participation

The steps we are taking to move our California State COVID-19 Vaccine Program forward are challenging, but never more important than now. We have engaged Blue Shield of California as a third party administrator to help us manage the changes we want to take to strengthen our network capabilities and meet our goals for offering the best possible COVID-19 vaccination opportunities to all Californians.

We want to be sure you know how we plan to work with providers in order to help all Californians get vaccinated equitably and safely, as fast as possible.

  • During the transition process to the new statewide delivery system, please continue receiving, administering, and reporting on COVID-19 vaccines in your current, established vaccine clinics, including planning for second doses.
  • We want to build on the work already being done by thousands of hard-working health professionals across the state. We are working closely with public health experts and local stakeholders to ensure equitable allocation and a variety of ways to access available vaccine doses, as safely and rapidly as possible.
  • We realize there are challenges associated with the changes we are making in order to create this centralized approach to managing vaccines in a more connected, statewide system. Our goal is to develop visibility and tools that allow us to offer Californians as many options as possible for receiving the vaccine.

End-to-End Steps to Participation


Getting Ready to Transition to the New System

Review the steps below to ensure your organization or practice has completed all the actions needed and can prepare for the final step—being onboarded to the My Turn platform or connecting to My Turn through your electronic health records system through the generic API we are building. The My Turn web platform allows all California State Vaccine Program participants to manage clinics, COVID-19 vaccine doses accountability, reporting, and walk-in registrations.

Whether you have already completed some of the steps, or are new to the entire process, we want to ensure you have a quick-reference overview of all the steps needed for participation in the program and network, so that together, we can help ensure that Californians to have the best possible opportunities for getting vaccinated as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Which Category Describes the Status of Your Practice or Provider Organization?

Select a category that will provide the information you need to begin or complete all of the steps for participation.

Category A: New to all steps for participation in California’s COVID-19 Vaccine Program and enhanced network

  • Not enrolled in myCAvax (formerly CalVax).
  • May or may not be enrolled with CAIR2 in your region or RIDE or SDIR
  • Have not signed an agreement with the third party administrator (TPA), Blue Shield of California, for the enhanced network
  • Not yet connected to/onboarded to the My Turn system

Category B: Already enrolled in myCAvax and CAIR2/RIDE/SDIR but new to the TPA provider agreement and My Turn

  • Please be certain your organization is already enrolled in myCAvax (formerly CalVax) and CAIR2/RIDE/SDIR for the existing state COVID-19 vaccine network.
  • Have not signed an agreement with the TPA (Blue Shield of California) for the enhanced network
  • Not yet connected/onboarded to the My Turn system


General Questions About Participation? Contact Us.

Register for demos while waiting to be connected or onboarded to My Turn

While you are waiting to be onboarded, we encourage you to attend the My Turn demos we offer three times each week. Join the sessions to learn about the capabilities of My Turn and get answers from the experts on what to expect when you are onboarded.  View the “Demos” schedule on our My Turn Onboarding page.

Already in the process of being onboarded to My Turn?

Visit our My Turn Onboarding website page for training opportunities offered twice each week.


Resources for Enrollment in myCAvax